Thursday, April 10, 2008

And some more knitting.... these are various works in progress:
Here is one corner of another square for the Aran Afghan. It's an interesting pattern. You knit the outter ring then pick up the stiches in the middle on double pointed needles and knit in to the center. It's been fun so far, quite hard to put down actually. Going around the first corner was a little difficult. I'd never knit with short row wraps before, and it took some Googling to figure out what exactly the pattern was asking for... but I figuered it out. It's going rather quickly now.

This is one of the center squares for the Wedding Ring Quilt that I'm knitting for Andrew's sister. It's sort of a daunting task. It's knit entirely in garter stitch, so it's not super exciting, but there is a lot of shaping, so I still have to pay attention. I haven't worked on it a lot recently, but I need to get back on it. The wedding is in August, and I have long way to go. I'm not particularly looking forward to the finishing... but... it is a labor of love.

Here's the stack of squares that I've finished so far. There are 16 (!) of them to knit. I think I only have 3 or 4 left to knit the triangles onto... Just need to get up the motivation.
And finally some socks in progress... yes they are huge! They're actually for the soup kitchen at our church. Many of the homeless that come in are looking for warm socks, so I'm making a few pairs...
More pictures later... or when I finish something. :)
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