Friday, April 16, 2010

More on Gilbert and Eat, Pray, Love

I saw this video on which if you have not been to that website...GO! NOW! It's amazing. Anyway, I saw this right after I finished the book, and it just made me love Gilbert even more. I really like this idea... makes me feel a little better when I'm struggling with my own writing and creativity.

And.... just in case you hadn't seen it yet. The trailer for Eat, Pray, Love the movie. Which stars Julia Roberts (who I love) and is coming out this summer. I never have high hopes for a movie that has been adapted from a book, but we'll see. It looks like it has potential at least.
And... despite my best web-editing efforts, I can't the the video to scale to the proper size. So, if you know how to fix said problem, leave me a comment. Otherwise, I guess, just deal with it. :)

1 comment:

  1. I really loved that video, too. I should probably watch it again, actually (thanks for the reminder!).

    Funny enough I found your blog by googling "read, write, knit" to see if anyone else out there has my interests *ahemobsessionsahem*. Glad to see I'm not alone!



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