Monday, February 25, 2008

All kinds of fun

Well, I've managed to put off blogging today for long enough. And as a result, I did get through about half of my grading. Only two milk crates left to go! Hopefully I can get it all done tonight in preparation for my favorite time of year tomorrow* Parent/Teacher Conferences. Ugh. Nothing like a 14 work day. However, on the bright side, I did purchase some new yarn today! Yay! And on sale too! After my eye appointment (the 6th in about 8 weeks**) I decided to reward myself with a trip to Hobby Lobby. Yarn Bee Icelandic Jewels yarn was on sale for 99 cents. Can't beat that! I bought six skeins of Sapphire and Dark Citrine. Not that I really need more yarn, I have an entire room full, but this isn't for me. That makes it better right? Right? Actually both of these yarns will soon become Prayer Shawls. I'm in charge of the Knitting Ministry at my church, so I'm always on the look out for cheap, soft and easily washable yarn. Though I wasn't a huge fan of my last shawls with Yarn Bee, I'm hopeful that this yarn will be better. I made two shawls with Yarn Been Mosiac Twist, and it was just okay. It didn't wash up as nicely as I would have liked and one of the color ways looked like a calico cat barfed on it. I'll have to post picture later.
I hope to get my grading done early enough in the night to be able to get back to work on my (or one of my) current projects. Among other things, I'm working on a baby blanket for my friend who is due in June. I'm making the Great America Aran Afghan. So far, so good on that one. I'll post pictures of my finished squares later.
So, it's been a relatively productive day. I also ordered some books from Amazon: Knitting for Peace and The Secret. Now all I need to do is get some writing in and I'll have really gotten a lot accomplished today!

*dripping with sarcasm
** I have pellucid marginal degeneration- which in real terms means I can't see for crap and am exceptionally hard to fit with contacts- special

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