Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Oy... well, I have a bit of a break in conferences, so rather than actually do something productive, like grading tests, I've decided to blog. :) So far, so good on conferences. No insane parents yet; decent food brought by our wonderful PTA. Overall, it's been okay as conferences go*. Which is good, my day started off a lot worse. I couldn't sleep last night, woke up late and was afraid that I'd be late to work. Then was writing things on the board, I managed to trip on my pant hem and bite it into my desk. Totally bruised my hip. **
The most exciting part of the day thus far though, was another wonderful new website from Tasha at Kidslit. *** Lookybook looks like SO much fun! I haven't had the time to really explore it yet, but it's a beta website that has tons of picture books just waiting to be clicked through. I am such a fan of picture books and especially the picture part. I love children's lit illustrators. It seems, on some of the books, that the text is going to be too small to read, but I'll still love looking though all of the pictures. I hope to be able to really look at it soon. A little known fact, or maybe not so little known now, is that I'm working on a few manuscripts **** but one of them that's actually near completion is a picture book and I am so inspired by all of the artwork in other books. I only wish that I could draw or paint or do anything artistic (at least well) to illustrate my own book. But, until I develop my talents, I'm just going to dream about what spectacular artists will illustrate my book when published.
Anyway.... I've got parents coming in, so I should probably do my job. :)

*no...no really. They haven't been too bad.
** yes... I am that wickedly coordinated.
*** That girl really knows how to distract me.
****aren't all English teachers?

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