Monday, March 3, 2008

And... the other four squares that I have finished. I really liked the faux bobbles on this first one. Right after I finished this one, one of the parents that volunteers at the school was making a baby blanket with a similar pattern. Hers ended up looking like diagonal stripes though. Quite cool.
I thought this one looked like hearts. They're a little hard to see, but I'm hoping that once I get the square all blocked out, they'll stand out a lot more.
Another pretty square... I thought the seed stitch cable was different. I really wish that I had the mental power, time and knitting experience to design my own patterns. I might have to just try it at some point... we shall see.
A very basic Aran pattern, quite pretty though. I loved ho tight the framing cables are, and the center panel has plenty of space for definition.

I really hope that Nicole likes this blanket. I'm thinking about having my aunt (who's a seamstress) help me back it when it's all done. Thoughts? I have heard mixed reviews so far. Some think the back of Aran knitting is just as pretty as the front and I should back it. I think it would be nice to add some color and hide all of my ends better...
We will have to see. I need to get the whole thing completed first. I'll post more pics as I finish squares. At some point I'll also post pictures of the other projects I'm working on: prayer shawls, socks, random sweater, and a wedding ring quilt.- knit, not sewn.
Until then... :)
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