Monday, March 3, 2008

Great American Aran Afghan

Well... I have finally accomplished both the taking of the pictures and the posting of the pictures. :) YAY! Here are four of the eight blocks that I have done on my afghan so far. (more pictures shortly) It's for my friend who is having a baby. She's due in July, so I do need to get on it. :) It takes 20 squares to make the afghan... so I'm not even half way there. I do thoroughly enjoy knitting it though. The squares are small enough for me to feel like I am accomplishing something somewhat regularly, and I love Aran patterns. I've never been a huge color work knitter, but I might be addicted to cables. At any rate... I'm not using a super exciting yarn, just some Hobby Lobby "I love this yarn" in linen. It's okay. It's quire soft and easy to work with. I have learned my lesson from previous projects that babies and angora, wool, cashmere or some other not machine washable fiber, don't go well together. So, I stick to the cheaper washable stuff.
The sweater block was my most recent finished object. I really like it. So cute! I might have to make a whole blanket just of these. I do think however, that I really need to start swatching. It's a little more rectangular than square, but so it goes. I'm probably the only one that will notice. I also forgot to switch to larger needles after the ribbing on the sweater. Whoops! I guess that's what makes it homemade right? : ) This one is suppose to look like a DNA strand. I sort of see it. I thought it would be cute since my friend and her husband are both into science. There are a couple of errors on this one as well... but again. I'm the only one that will notice.
This was an interesting pattern. It's actually completely reversible, which stresses me out a bit. I like things to have definition...but I liked the pattern nonetheless.
I love this one. :) Beautiful cable pattern. I've always thought bobbles are cute too. I wish the sides would lie down though. *sigh* I suppose I just need to haul our the iron and block it.
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